Acquire the title of an RCTi accredited expert

Why become an accredited Expert of the RCTi ?

In the wake of globalization, companies you deal with face increasingly complex challenges. Their needs for information and business resources are constantly evolving. By joining the RCTi, you will be better equipped to meet the demands of SMEs that are striving to keep pace with this new global economy. At the same time, you will increase the efficiency and quality of services you offer to SMEs and also enjoy the many benefits that the ADRIQ offers.

RCTi experts come from the public and private sectors. They share their knowledge and contacts, providing access to specialized resources their clients need. All services developed within the RCTi network foster exchange and collaboration in order to better serve SMEs. A few success stories will allow you to measure the network’s impact on the success of entrepreneurs.

Being a consultant for the Réseau Conseil en Technologie et en Innovation means being part of a rich network of expertise headed by a strong and recognized multi-sectorial. Our fields of expertise are related to innovation and technological development (R&D, product development, processes, services, marketing, etc.) and aim to make SMEs more competitive by allowing them to become more innovative.

What are the benefits of being an RCTi public consultant ?

Access to a pool of experts in technology and innovation

Being an RCTi consultant gives you access to over a hundred specialized organizations. They come from universities, research centres, ministries, college centres for the transfer of technology, etc. The RCTi is constantly expanding and becoming the largest network, and includes the widest range of expertise in technology and innovation.

Access to the consulting services of strategic experts

This has always been considered the most important of the RCTi’s services. It provides access to specialists for a number of free hours of consultation. We have one full-time strategic consultant specializing in marketing and business strategy and three regional consultants. In addition, our private consultants can also play the role of strategic advisorAccess to the consulting services of strategic experts

Right to use the “call to all members”

To send a “call to all members”, you must go through an RCTi consultant. The use of this powerful tool is reserved for our consultants. It allows you to receive pertinent answers to a specific question. The expansion of our membership will make this service even more efficient.

Receiving the e-newsletter

Experts automatically receive our electronic newsletter each month. It keeps you well informed without having to search. Considered one of the best electronic tools of its kind, this tool gathers together all relevant information for our consultants, all in one place. Send us any information you want to circulate throughout the network and we will include it in the newsletter.


Throughout the year, we seek to meet the ongoing needs of our consultants and their SMEs by organizing, at their request, activities in their region. In addition, we organize networking events with our experts four times a year. This allows them to develop a referral network.

Special rates for registration for network activities

Network consultants enjoy discounted registration rates for all our activities. Benefit from a reduction of approximately 30% each time you participate in one of our activities.

Technological opportunities

This service will be added progressively over the next few months. It will allow SMEs to have access to technologies available around the world and also make their technologies available for technology transfers.

Visibility on the ADRIQ website

A web page is created for each of our consultants where we post each expert’s profile and expertise. Take advantage of this directory to advertise your services and expertise. You can also find what you are looking for in just a few clicks.

Access to the RCTi section of the ADRIQ intranet

Accredited experts have access to a private section of our website. This section gives them inside information and tools they need to better assist their clients.

Benefits and privileges

Private consultants have the same benefits as the public consultants. RCTi consultants also have the same privileges as an ADRIQ consultant (1 vote per consultant).

Interactive visits program

Within the farmework of its agreement with the NRC-IRAP (National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program), the RCTi may give one of its private consultants a mandate to provide consulting services on behalf of the RCTi network, according to his or her areas of expertise. Consultants who accept a mandate to provide consulting services will be remunerated according to predetermined criteria and will be covered by liability insurance against any RCTi errors and omissions during these interventions.

Our consultants are the real winners when they become members of the RCTi: First, they enjoy the benefits of being a consultant within a very knowledgeable and powerful network; and they gain access to a vast pool of expertise in order to be better equipped to help their SME clients.

Become a public consltant

Who can become a public consultant ?

Any consultant from the puplic and para-public sectors (ministries, CLD, SADC, etc.) can become a public consultant. Simply complete the membership package and reurn it by e-mail or mail to the RCTi and pay the membership fee. It is important to note that public consultants for the RCTi represent organizational entities; these are not individual memberships. Thus, any person may submit a membership application for the organization with which he or she is assiaciated. Once the application is accepted, any number of people working for this organization can be identified as RCTi Consultants.

What documents must be completed ?

We invite you to download, complete and return : The public consultant membership package [in French]

What is the cost of membership ?

The annual membership fee for a public consultant is $459.90 ($400 plus taxes) prorated for 12 consecutive months. This rate will be lowered for any membership request made during the course of the year. All memberships are valid until December 31 of the same year. Discounts may be offered if you want to become a consultant during the last 3 months of a given year.

Become an accredited private consultant

Who can become an accredited private consultant ?

Any ADRIQ consultant meeting the RCTi selection and accreditation criteria may submit a request as a private consultant by carefully reading through the accreditation process and completing the membership package. Accreditation is not automatically awarded: It will be given following the evaluation of your candidature by the RCTi Review Committee. It is not possible to assign or transfer this title to a third party.

What documents must be completed ?

We invite you to first read the accreditation criteria : Accreditation criteria [in French]

Then complete and return the private consultant membership package, which will be submitted to the Review Committee : Private Consultant membership package [in French]

What is the cost of membership ?

There is no “membership fee” to become private consultant. However, anyone wishing to submit an application must necessarily be an ADRIQ member.

There is, however, an evaluation fee of $75. This amount must be paid to the ADRIQ in order for the Review Committee to assess the application (completed enrollment package) of an ADRIQ consultant wishing to become private consultant. ADRIQ membership fees are non-refundable in the event that a request for accreditation is not accepted.

The ADRIQ-RCTi Code of Ethics

On June 1, 2013, the ADRIQ-RCTi established a code of ethics, which governs the terms of consulting services provided by its certified members within the framework of the interactive visits program.

This code is available for download here [in French].