Our RCTi expert network

The ADRIQ-RCTi alliance

The RCTi network (Réseau conseil en technologie et en innovation) joined the ADRIQ (Association de la recherche industrielle du Québec) in October 2011 and became the ADRIQ’s branch of direct support services to SMEs. Our association effectively reaches more than 8 000 innovation decision-makers across the province of Québec.


The Réseau Conseil en Technologie et en innovation (RCTi) was established in October 2009. This organization was created following the change of status of its predecessor, the Canadian Technology Network (CTN). The CTN, for its part, was founded in 1994 by the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), in collaboration with Industry Canada. Its founding responded to an urgent need: To accelerate access to technology for SMEs by interconnecting available resources and services. Since 2000, Canada Economic Development has added its financial support to that of the IRAP to extend the reach of the network and maximize its impact on SMEs in Québec.

The RCTi network

The RCTi brings together tens of experts in technology and business. They are all driven by the same desire: To advise innovative SMEs and give them rapid access to specialized resources that can contribute to their success.

Entrepreneurs connect to the network by contacting RCTi consultants, who perform a preliminary analysis of their needs, advise them and refer them to the best resources to support their efforts. These consultants not only have the necessary skills, but also benefit from the expertise and knowledge of the entire network of consultants. This dynamic network opens up myriad opportunities at the local, national and international levels.

The network can also rely on its two categories of consultants who are dedicated to helping innovative SMEs in Québec. Our consultants must respect the network’s values and respect its code of ethics:

  1. Public consultants : Consultants coming from economic development agencies, universities, research centres, ministries, etc.;
  2. Private consultants : Consultants who are experts in their fields and whose target clientele is innovative Québec SMEs.

The RCTi is also a support network that allows innovative SMEs to be advised by specialists who focus on person-to-person relationships, and maintain neutrality and objectivity in their interventions.

Members of the RCTi, who come from the public and private sectors, adhere to the network’s values and have the experience, skills and expertise needed to successfully advance SME’s business projects. They share their knowledge and contact networks, giving access to specialized resources that their clients need. All services developed by the network foster exchanges and collaboration in order to better serve SMEs.

The RCTi has a diverse membership with complementary skills to meet the needs of consultants and their SME clients. Above all, being a member of the RCTi means being part of a network with a wealth of expertise. Our fields of activity are related to innovation and technological development (R&D, product, process and service development, marketing, etc.) and aim to make SMEs more competitive by allowing them to become more innovative.

Our RCTi experts

Your company can benefit from the services of our certified consultants who are experts in their field. You can draw on their expertise and contact them directly by consulting this page.

Visit our page presenting the interactive visits program : you will learn how, under certain conditions, each incorporated Québec SME can be eligible for a maximum of 15 hours of consulting services (cost is 100% covered by our financial partners) with RCTi experts, upon approval of the NRC-IRAP (National Research Council’s Industrial Research Program).

Videos from our accredited consultants are available here: https://vimeo.com/album/3277053