Technology Partnership Award 2017




The Technology Partnership Prize is awarded jointly to a company and one or more organizations involved in a technology partnership project illustrating the benefits of shared expertise. The partnership resulted in a new product / process / technology, resulting from an R & D program, carried out by the institution for the benefit of the company that integrated it and successfully commercialized it. The new product / process / technology involved a transfer of profitable expertise from the institution to the organization, which had an undeniable positive impact on the organization, notably in terms of technological advance, improving competitive positioning, productivity and sales growth.

ElIgibility criteria:

  • Established in Quebec
  • Significant presence of partner(s)
  • One-time collaboration for an R & D project or sustained collaboration between partners


  • Innovative nature of the project
    40 %
    New technology / product / process developed. Magnitude and duration. Strategic importance for the company. Partners’ respective contributions. Nature and complexity of the work carried out. Complementarity of expertise; Synergy between the partners. Importance of developed intellectual property. Competencies and expertises transferred / shared between the partners. The resulting acceleration of the innovation process. Technological advantage for the organization vs its sector / its competitors.
  • Impacts / benefits for the organization
    30 %
    Competitive benefits resulting from the project relative to the sector and competitors. Impact on growth, productivity, sales, new markets / customers. Impact on internal capacity for innovation, skills and expertises. Impact on the profitability and value of the organization.
  • Impacts / benefits for the research partner
    Consolidation / valorisation of teams, expertises and specific axes of R & D. Value of intellectual property developed. Reputation of excellence, etc.

*       A bonus will be granted to each FINALIST project depending on the quality of the presentation of their project during the session preceding the Gala, in the form of an elevator pitch.

Please note that only the information contained in the application will be considered for evaluation – no other documents will be considered.