Our expertises

Our consultants’ vast experience allows us to offer expertise in many fields related to technology and innovation.


  • Financing (venture capital, angel investors, strategies, identifying financial partners)
  • Corporate taxation (litigation and negotiation with tax authorities, U.S. taxation, impact on the mobility of labour, tax implications of transactions)

Marketing and Commercialization

  • Marketing (market research, market positioning, communication and advertising, customer research, market development, exports)
  • Commercialization of services, products or technologies for paragovernmental and governmental procurement
  • Marketing: life cycles, feasibility, launch and marketing of products

Intellectual Property

  • Intellectual property (business strategies, trademarks, patents, copyright, licensing, trade secrets, industrial designs, technology transfer)

Information Technologies

  • E-commerce, market research and analysis
  • Technology related to the use of Internet media, Cloud Computing, e-commerce
  • Support in the choice of IT management solution
  • Project management, databases, networks, security, IT policy, technology monitoring

Human Resources

  • Recruitment of executives and technical personnel, employment contracts, company policies, organizational diagnostics
  • Business transfer and succession, conflict management, termination, discipline, management rights, coaching of managers

Business Strategy

  • Corporate and commercial law (negotiating partnerships and agreements with distributors or manufacturers, strategic alliances)
  • Productivity (improvement, plant layout, automation, robotics, major investment projects)
  • Management coaching
  • Cost price (revision and validation of the current system)
  • Business strategies (review and validation of the business model, validation of the strategic plan and business strategies)
  • Innovation : management of R&D projects
  • Operational innovation: operational excellence (LEAN, Six Sigma…), efficiency of core processes (value chains, procurement and logistics), best business practices, new forms of work organization

Legal Issues

  • Legal aspects of intellectual property and taxation
  • Contractual issues related to marketing (funding, agreements…)


  • Product development (processes, methods, industrial design, technical feasibility studies, cost analysis, product development diagnostics, evaluation of an idea)
  • Regulation, certification, standardization, quality assurance
  • Technological and strategic monitoring (implementation)
  • Sustainable development: managing the life cycle, eco-efficiency, corporate social responsibility, greenhouse gas emissions, 4Rs (reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery)