How to benefit from interactive visits

Easy and accessible steps…

ADRIQ members, can refer their clients to an adviser to the NRC-IRAP to allow an interactive tour with one of our experts. In other words, ADRIQ services are the client’s responsibility.

  1. An innovative SME that is incorporated in Québec needs strategic consulting to validate its business strategies and support it within the framework of its technological project..
  2. It communicates with an NRC-IRAP advisor which validates its need to consult an expert.
  3. A request for an interactive visit is then sent to the RCTi, which identifies, within 6 days, an expert whose consulting services would benefit the SME (for 5 to 15 hours, upon approval of the NRC-IRAP).
  4. The expert meets the managers of the company and offers consulting services, which allow them to refine their strategy to support the development of their activity. The meetings are spread out according to a schedule agreed upon by the expert and the SME.

Facilitating factors

  • Innovative SMEs have access, under certain conditions, to a vast pool of expertise that can meet all of their needs, thanks to the contribution of our financial partner : NRC-IRAP;
  • Every Québec SME is eligible for a maximum of 15 hours of consulting services with RCTi experts, upon approval of the NRC-IRAP (cost is 100% covered by our financial partners) ;
  • Clients can also take advantage of a second 15-hour blockof consulting, under certain conditions ;
  • Our consultants are at your service throughout the province.